Journalist and copywriter

A lifestyle journalist with six years experience, I have a Post Grad in Journalism and have been published in the Sydney Morning Herald,The Age, The Hilton, Hotel Management and bars&clubs magazines.

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More happiness bang for your buck

How to increase your happiness without spending more.

Part-time luxuries

Life’s little luxuries come at a price but you don’t always have to buy them outright.

Small loans, big impact

If you knew you could loan someone less than $100 and it would dramatically change their life, would you do it?

Smarter than the average holiday

For some people sitting by the pool sipping cocktails is the perfect holiday. But if you’re not one of those people, here are some holiday ideas with a bit more bite.

Cut costs the sharing way

Since the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), people have increasingly been looking for ways to cut costs, with many turning to the internet to find new ways to share resources.

Investing in the community

So you have a great idea for a new start-up company or creative project but how do you raise the initial capital?

men shed their worries

You’re a 60 year old retiree, you’ve split from your wife, and worst of all, you’ve downgraded to an apartment and no longer have a garage, backyard or shed to tinker around in. Lucky there are still places you can go to be a bloke.

spare cash for your spare room

More and more are looking to the internet to turn idle space into extra income for their retirement.

Relationships in retirement

In the lead-up to retirement you’ve hopefully spent a lot of time planning your finances and lifestyle goals. But what about your relationship?

Talking to ageing parents about finances

As your parents get older chances are they are going to need your help with financial and healthcare issues. But how do you broach the subject?

Drive cheaper and greener

Car sharing is growing in popularity across Sydney and Melbourne, with more and more people attracted to it as a cheaper, greener alternative to owning a car.

measuring national wellbeing

When it comes to measuring wellbeing, there’s a lot...

starting your own book club

Starting a book club is a great way to expand both your mind and your social circle. But how do you go about it?

the retiring type

Why it’s important not to simply retire from something, but to have something to retire to.

depression: older people can get help too

Contrary to popular belief, experts say depression is not a natural part of ageing, and older people can benefit from treatment too.